University Libraries Staff Honored for Longevity and Service

Three long-time University Libraries staff members were honored recently with the Staff Service Recognition Award for their long history of employment and service at UofL. At a reception on July 19, President Lori Gonzalez and Brian Buford, Head of the Employee Success Center, presented awards to Kathy Moore, Circulation Manager at the Bridwell Art Library (45 years); Andy Clark, Ekstrom Library Facilities Coordinator (15 years); and Anthony Iles, Technology Specialist with Kornhauser Health Sciences Library (15 years).

Image of two women, both with blonde hair standing before large circular University of Louisville insignia.
UofL President Lori Gonzales and Kathy Moore, Libraries Circulation Manager at Bridwell Art Library.

Kathy Moore began her career with the Art Library in 1975 as an undergraduate at UofL, working as a student assistant while earning her Bachelor of Science in Biology major. When a staff position opened with the Art Library, she jumped at it and never looked back. She remembers using the card catalog and “our oh-so-futuristic IBM Selectric II Correcting typewriter with changeable font balls.”

As one of only three staff employees who have worked for 45 years honored at the event, Moore was invited to speak to all attendees.

A 1988 UofL alum, Andy Clark worked with UPS before coming to Ekstrom Library as a Facilities Coordinator in 2007. Clark said Ekstrom was his favorite place on campus during this student days, but thought the building – built in 1981 – seemed old and dated. He has been glad to see the improvements and renovations in the library over the past 15 years.

Anthony Iles has worked as a Technology Specialist at Kornhauser for two years, formerly working as an Inter Library Loan Assistant, Library Assistant and Clinical Research Assistant. Prior to joining Kornhauser, he briefly worked for Humana Corporation.

Kornhauser Library “provides a unique service to the medical community,” Iles said, “whether face to face and/or virtual, which allows us to help those doing research get information they need.  The reason I have stayed at Kornhauser Library is because I enjoy the work that I do and the people I work with. We are a great ‘work family.’”

The reception was hosted by the Employee Success Center to honor all employees who have worked at least 10 years for UofL.

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