Ekstrom Director Honors WMS Team

For many months of hard work in the trenches during the OCLC/WMS migration, three individuals from the Libraries’ WMS Team were rewarded during today’s ACC meeting. Bruce Keisling, Director of Ekstrom Library, presented the awards, saying the three had performed “yeoman’s service” in managing the transition from the Libraries’ Minerva catalog to WMS WorldCat Discovery.

“The number of emails and issues they’ve addressed cannot be overstated,” he continued as he handed out chocolates and handmade Certificates of Merit, to Randy Kuehn, Tyler Goldberg, and Weiling Liu. “Yes, we will continue to have some issues during the turnover, but we’re at a good place now because of their hard work.”


The awards were as follows:

Randy Kuehn: a WMS Award, or Witicisms May Suffice (in honor of his never making a serious remark). (Cadbury’s)

Tyler Goldberg: a LHR Award, or Local Holdings Rescue (for valor in the “field”). (Dark, Salty Chocolate)

Weiling Liu: a LDAP Award, or Louisville Does Awesome Planning (for her masterful visual representation of the changes). (Dark Chocolate with Raspberry)

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