A tip of the hat to Campus IT-Microsoft Outlook Training Opportunities

by James E. Manasco, Engineering and Physical Sciences Librarian

In the libraries, we are big users of technology, including being heavily involved in the use of Microsoft Outlook for our e-mail communication purposes. While the libraries do not typically provide training sessions on software platforms such as Outlook (though we do provide orientations to many of the databases/information resources we provide to our faculty, staff and students), our colleagues in Information Technology DO provide many training sessions to help make you a more confident user of the various technologies we must utilize every day.

For Microsoft Outlook, IT provides the course: Outlook 2010 Overview. Now they may not provide this as a regular, formal class, but employees can e-mail IT to inquire about this training. This course provides many helpful tips and tricks in using Outlook more effectively and efficiently. You can find out more information about the classes IT provides, as well as a link to their schedule, here: http://louisville.edu/it/departments/consulting/training/course-descriptions.

Another, online, resource for orientation to Microsoft platforms, including Outlook is also available via Campus IT at: http://louisville.edu/it/departments/consulting/training/microsoft-e-learning-for-employees.

This employees-only resource requires logging in with your ULink ID and then creating a Microsoft account to access the training. Or you can access the Microsoft IT Academy Courses, via http://louisville.edu/it/departments/consulting/training/it-academy-courses. You will have to register with Microsoft, but this is another support resource that may help you in your use of Outlook in the workplace.

If you still have questions, simply contact the helpful folks in IT and they will be glad to help you!

As the year draws to a close, best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season from all of us here at the University of Louisville Libraries. Be excellent to each other, everyone!

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