New temporary service desk

by Margo Smith, Head of User and Access Services, Ekstrom Library

A goal of the Ekstrom 1E Renovation Project is to “Offer integrated services for research, writing, media, and technology.” A next step in that process is to create a new service desk in the center of the east lobby – the former location of the Browsing Collection.   The new temporary service desk will be open on January 5, 2015 and remain there through the spring semester. The desk will provide assistance to users for basic library information, printing, copying, Cardinal Card questions, directional questions, finding books and articles, and referrals for research support.

Presently, users may obtain most of these services at one, two, and/or all three desks: Circulation, Media, and/or Reference. The new service desk is a pilot project to gather data on how best to integrate library services so that users’ needs are more effectively met.  Experience with staffing, training, and scheduling at the new desk will provide data that will inform decisions for the permanent desk to be constructed as part of the entire Ekstrom 1E Renovation Project.

Besides the new service desk in the center of the lobby, another visible change as of January 5, 2015, is that the external Reference desk currently staffed by students will be closed. The directional and referral questions that were handled there will be routed to the new service desk using signage.   Seven student assistants from Reference have been transferred to Media for training and scheduling for the new desk.

The Media desk will remain in its current location through the spring 2015 semester.   The Reference Consult desk, located just inside the Reference Department office, will remain in its current location throughout the renovation process.

The East/West desk workgroup led by Margo Smith has reviewed data, discussed challenges, and explored options that will provide a starting point for what will ultimately be the permanent new desk.

“Front-line” expertise is provided by Trish Blair, Kelly Buckman, Matt Goldberg, Anna Marie Johnson, and Michelle Rodriguez.

If you have questions or observations, please contact Margo Smith, Access & User Services Librarian at (502) 853-8724.

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