Find Resources Faster with New Research Guides

by Terri Holtze, Head of Library Web Services

When you need articles or primary sources for your research our Research Guides site is a great place to start. On December 16th the site will have some new features to make this process even easier for you.

What’s new?

  1. Find all guides in your area of interest from the homepage. The list of topics on the homepage will automatically give you a list of all our research guides on that topic – rather than just listing the general topic guide for that area. For example, rather than just going directly to the Business Research Guide, when you click on Business it will show you all the business-related guides like the one for Business Plan Research or the guide for the MKT 350 class.
  2. New subject areas. In the past we’ve tied our subject areas closely to areas of teaching and research at the University of Louisville. We continue to do that in the newest version, but we’ve added a couple of new subject areas that people frequently need help researching, including guides on Library Science and Louisville, Ky.
  3. Chat with a librarian. The homepage will now include a chat box that you can use to talk to a librarian about your research questions. They can help you choose a database, formulate a search strategy, or set up an appointment for more in-depth guidance.

new Research Guides homepage

  1. Find databases by subject. The new A-Z Databases list has some great new features. You can limit the list to just databases in a particular subject. Doing a subject limit will show you the most recommended databases in that subject first, followed by a list of all the databases that cover it. The results page will also show you who the subject librarian is and what research guides are available for the topic.
  1. Find databases by type. You can also limit the databases list to show only certain types of databases. This is a great way to find music (audio/video), images, primary sources, and more.
  2. Databases search. The databases list will also include a search box that will search through the database titles and descriptions.

databases limited to a subject

Want to get a sneak peak before it goes live? You can see it at When it goes live it will have the same address as the current version which is

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