How to Find Art on UofL’s Campus

If you’ve walked through University of Louisville’s campus, you may have noticed the sculptures situated on our lawns and paintings hung in different department.  These eye-catching art pieces are part of the University’s art collection.  Now you can use a new interactive map to find new favorite artworks!


The Art on Campus tool will let you explore the University of Louisville’s Belknap and the Health Sciences campuses to find geotagged images of art.  Each pin on the map has information about the artist, the materials, and any additional information regarding how the artwork came to be located on campus. The website will work well on different internet browsers, as well as mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.  There is even a feature that provides you Google Maps walking directions to each piece.

Michelangelo's David sculpture

This map will help you discover hidden gems on campus.  Many of us are aware of Rodin’s The Thinker statue in front of Grawmeyer Hall. However, did you know that a copy of Michelangelo’s iconic David statue sits inside Grawmeyer Hall?

The map also highlights the work of local artists, such as Alma Lesch, a fiber artist who was active in the city during the second half of the 20th century.  Using the information on the map, you can also find out how to further research individual artworks.  For example, the Bridwell Art Library has Alma Lesch’s papers in its manuscripts collection.  More research resources will be added to the Art on Campus page in the future to help scholars research each piece.

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