UofL Libraries Welcome Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter assumed the title of Director of Bridwell Art Library and Assistant Professor on April 21st, 2014. In order to share some of her background and personality, she agreed to interview herself.

Q. What is your background, Sarah?

In my last job I was an Instruction and Research Services Librarian at Ringling College of Art and Design.  I created an instruction program designed to teach research skills to undergraduate art and design students.  Before that, I worked with art history and studio art faculty & students as the Circulation Supervisor of the Fine Arts Library at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Q. Where did you go to school?

My undergraduate degree is from Smith College in Art History and Italian Language and Literature.  My graduate degrees are an MA in Art History and an MLS, both from Indiana University.

Q. Where are you from?

I just moved to Louisville from Sarasota, FL.  However, I grew up in a suburb of Indianapolis, and I am very happy to be back in the Midwest.

Sarasota, Florida Marina Jacks by AngrySicilian, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  AngrySicilian 


Q. What are you most excited about at UofL?

I love that Bridwell Art Library has these special books called “artist’s books,” which is a category of publication/artwork in which artists push boundaries by interpreting the definition of what a “book” is.  For example, we have a limited edition fine press book that is printed entirely on paper towels.  The work is absolutely exquisite!  I know quite a bit about this category of artist’s books, and can’t wait to show them off to students and faculty.

Q. Who is your favorite artist?

Well, I really can’t choose one favorite artist.  I really love the work of Kurt Schwitters, a German collage artist.  I also was inspired as a child by the shapes and movements of Alexander Calder’s mobiles.  In my last job, I developed an appreciation for the work of filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki.  Other favorites include Hundertwasser, James Turrell, Tara Donovan, Vik Muniz, and Janet Echelman.

Q. What kinds of things will you be doing in your job as Director of Bridwell Library?

I’ll be doing a lot of listening to students and faculty in my first year to understand the rich history and tradition of the Hite Art Institute.  I’ll also be attending gallery openings and looking at local artwork.  Other things that I will do include answering reference questions from the community, teaching research skills to students, and buying books for Bridwell library.

Q. Do you have a favorite sports team?

I love roller derby, and can’t wait to support the Derby City Rollergirls in their next season!

Capital Punishment Roller Derby by Greencolander, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Greencolander 

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