Join the Libraries Student Advisory Board!

Have you heard about the Libraries Student Advisory Board (LSAB).  No?  Well here’s an opportunity to get engaged and shape your library.

About us
The board was started in 2011 to help the libraries learn more about our users and our community and meet their evolving needs.  It also allows the libraries to explore effective and creative responses to our users’ learning and research behaviors. 

What’s involved?
We usually meet 4-6 times per academic year, with each meeting lasting around an hour.  We also expect each member to commit to attend at least 2 meetings per year, attend at least one library event, and utilize one library service that they wouldn’t ordinarily use.  

Libraries Student Advisory Board


What do you talk about?
Most recently we’ve been focusing on 1st floor space issues and needs.  But in the past we’ve addressed things like increasing hours, availability of electrical outlets, and quiet study space.

How can I join?
Want to join the conversation? Drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you. All currently enrolled students (that includes you, too, graduate students) are invited to become a member.

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