Extra! Extra! Read (and type) all about it!

As announced during African American History Month last year , the University of Louisville Libraries has made its run of the Louisville Leader newspaper freely available online, and seeks the community’s assistance in transcribing the articles for enhanced access.

Articles from fall 1935 have recently been selected for transcription. In addition to local news and announcements, topics currently available for transcription and recently transcribed include nationally and internationally significant events, filtered through a local lens, such as:

  • Boxing’s “Brown Bomber,” Joe Louis, defeated Max Baer in New York in late September. Leader editors and readers were in attendance (calls for carpools were published in the weeks leading up to the fight), and New York-based former Louisville Municipal College instructor Earl Brown wrote an exclusive article on the event for the October 5 edition.
  • The Mussolini-led Kingdom of Italy encroached on the Haile Selassie-led Ethiopian Empire in what became the Second Italo-Ethiopian War. Leader editors and readers noted parallels between the Fascist regime’s treatment of the African nation and their own treatment in Jim Crow America. They also noted the bias of the mainstream (white) media, singling out editorials by Hearst Newspapers’ Arthur Brisbane and Scripps-Howard columnist Westbrook Pegler.
  • The death of Thomas Blue, head of what was then known as the Colored Department of the Louisville Free Public Library, resulted in a Leader obituary heralding his status as the first — and, at that point, only — person of color appointed to head a public library department in the United States.
  • In another first, Republican Charles W. Anderson, Jr. was elected to represent the 58th Legislative District (Louisville 11th and 12th wards) in the Kentucky State House of Representatives. He was the first African American legislator elected in the South since Reconstruction.

19351116 Leader

Thank you to all who have contributed to our Leader project in the past year. More than 4,000 article segments have been transcribed! Please help us keep up the momentum, transcribing these stories and more like them so that future researchers can access them. Learn more about the project. Please note: at this time, the latest version of Firefox (v. 27) does not permit zooming and panning of the article images. We recommend using another browser.

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