An Unexpected Gift

The Art Library was the recipient of an unexpected holiday gift at the end of last year – the Caroline Price Reid Endowment. Established by the daughters of Caroline Price Reid, the endowment will be used to purchase materials that support student and faculty research in art history.

Daughters Hensley Peterson and Barbara Reid live in Aspen, Colorado, so why did they choose to honor their mother with a gift to the U of L Art Library? To understand that, it helps to know a little about Caroline Price Reid. Born in 1920, she graduated from the Louisville Collegiate School, attended Wellesley College, graduated from U of L and worked during World War II as a draftsman in the engineering department of CurtissWright Corporation. After the war she worked in the Art Library and her love of the arts continued throughout her life. Hensley and Barbara often heard about their mother’s fond memories of working the Art Library; thus the endowment.

The Art Library files contain gift forms processed by then-Caroline Price when she worked in the library. And the collection still holds a paper student Caroline Price wrote in 1943 on local architect Gideon Shyrock. Hensley and Barbara were thrilled to receive copies of that paper. And we are thrilled to have an endowment established in memory of their mother, Caroline Price Reid.

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