Fun With Photos

The only problem being the Imaging Manager in the Photographic Archives is the urge to know every photograph and fine print in our vault.  That’s about 2 million images and, I guess, a bit impossible.  Even if I could look through every image, I cannot look without wondering.  It’s easy to spend a good thirty minutes observing one photo and asking what may be going on in the scene:


ULPA CS 125021, Caufield & Shook Collection, Photographic Archives, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky.

Is that man in the white suit looking straight at the camera?  Where is the photographer standing? Why did he take a photo of this scene? What’s in that caged truck?  What is going on with that traffic pattern?! How common was it to still be using a horse and cart?  What is being constructed? How many of those buildings are still here?  Arg, so many questions!  But that last question, that’s one I can easily determine. When I run across an interesting photograph of a building or space in Louisville, I search Google maps, pick out a camera, go on a little adventure, and have some Photoshop fun:

LC-D4-19369, Detroit Publishing Company Photograph Collection. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540

Cave Hill Cemetery in 1906 and 2013.


Bowman Field in 1929 and 2013.

A span of 100 years.

The Royal Theater from around 1912, as a pawn shop in 1964, and up for rent in 2013.

This exercise in photography, research, and navigation works to expand my knowledge of our collection and its relevance to Louisville’s history.  And it answers a few of those burning questions along the way!

One Comment on “Fun With Photos”

  1. Bill Carner says:

    Great montages!

    I was still being confused, surprised and delighted by what I found after 34 years there. Back when the Photo Archives was in Reynolds Building I had enough “spare time” to look through ALL the Standard Oil volumes. I did the first pass through the Royal Photo negs on slow Thursday nights. What a great job! and it turns out retirement is even better,

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