Preview our new website!

Our website is always evolving based on the needs of our users and the technology available.  So on July 15, 2013 the University Libraries will release a new site design – and you are invited to the preview!  View the new site.  We welcome your feedback.

screenshot of new design homepage

Preview our new website

You’re probably wondering “Why is the site changing now?” A number of factors affected this change.

  1. University content management system upgrade.
    The University’s content management system is being upgraded to a new version. In order to make the library site compatible with the new software it needed to be adjusted.
  2. Increase in mobile usage.
    The number of users accessing our site through mobile devices has increased. Our site design needs to be easily accessible for mobile users. Last school year we met with the Libraries’ Student Advisory Board to find out what they would find most useful when viewing the site from mobile devices. They gave us lots of good input and we incorporated their ideas into our site design.
  3. Summer release.
    We decided to release the new site on July 15 in the hopes that it would be the least disruptive time to do it. The mid-July release will give faculty members over a month to get used to the new site and make any adjustments necessary to library-related assignments for the Fall Semester.

What’s New?

  1. Responsive design.
    The site is designed to respond to the screen size of the user’s browser. So images and columns resize to an optimal size when the screen is narrowed or widened. If the screen is a tablet or phone it will show a display optimized for mobile devices.
  2. Frequently asked questions database.
    All the frequently asked questions from the entire site have been added to a searchable database in a single location.
  3. Catalog.
    The University Libraries are phasing out one version of the library catalog. The new version works through WorldCat Local, a searchable database which includes our library catalog, as well as catalogs around the world and article databases. The old version of the catalog is still linked from the new website to help people make the transition. It will no longer be available after May 2014. Look for more announcements/information on the new catalog in upcoming months.

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