Summer TV Recommendations

by Hannah Parks, Ekstrom Library Media Resources

Summer is such a wonderful season. Schedules aren’t so tight, the weather is (usually) sunny, and people seem to be in a better mood than they were during the winter. I love to spend the summer hiking and cycling, but I also enjoy the rainy days, when I have an excuse to stay inside and be lazy. I usually spend these lazy days watching television shows and reading. Once I finish a show’s series or a book, though, I find it difficult to find a new one to start. I usually look for suggestions from friends, which, regarding television shows, aren’t hard to find here in Media Resources.

For those of you who share the same difficulty as I do in finding new shows to watch, I’ve consulted with my fellow Media Resources experts, and we’ve come up with a definitive list of eleven great TV shows to watch this summer, all of which are available through our department’s SGA collection. I’ve limited them to recent shows (aired within the past year) and separated them into genres, in case you’re interested in a specific type of show. I’ve also included their parental ratings.

Need more suggestions? Stop by the Media Department and we’ll help you out!

Arrested Development TV-PG
Community TV-PG
Psych TV-PG
How I Met Your Mother TV-PG

Breaking Bad TV-14
Walking Dead TV-14
Game of Thrones TV-MA
Justified TV-14

Archer TV-MA
Venture Brothers TV-MA
Family Guy TV-14

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