Help make Louisville African-American history more accessible

Louisville Leader banner

It’s African American History month, and UofL Libraries is pleased to announce the addition of a new online resource and a new participatory opportunity relating to local African American history.

The Louisville Leader Collection features all extant issues of an African American community newspaper covering local, national,
and international news published in Louisville, Kentucky from 1917-1950. The building which housed original copies of the paper was badly damaged by a fire, and the remaining issues, loaned by Kentucky State University and the widow of the publisher, were microfilmed by the University of Louisville, with the digital files created from that microfilm.

The long and winding road the texts have taken toward digital representation has made them less than ideal candidates for optical character recognition (OCR), which has difficulty transcribing faded, torn, or misaligned texts, even when they are readable to the human eye. We are therefore soliciting the public’s help to make these articles easier to search and discover by transcribing them. The transcriptions created through this “crowdsourcing” initiative will then be added to the digital collection, improving its accessibility.

One Comment on “Help make Louisville African-American history more accessible”

  1. I am excited about this endeavor! I am currently doing research on Louisville and have had a hard time obtaining what I am looking for. I feel this will be a great gateway to my research! Thank you so much for doing this!

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