Need Sources for Your {fill in subject here} Paper? Check Out Our Research Guides!

So, your professor said you needed more credible sources…where do you go to get them?  Google?  Yeah, maybe if you want to sift through blogs, videos, random web pages, and all kinds of other fascinating but not exactly relevant information.  What if there was a web page, created specifically for your major, that listed places to go to find academic/scholarly information?  Well, good news, there is!  UofL’s Research Guides are web pages created by librarians that list library databases of articles (and other types of info) that can help you with your papers.  Although each research guide might look slightly different, they all have several consistent “tabs” across the top: Find Articles, Books, Primary Sources, Course Guides, Citing Sources, and Help.


The Find Articles tab guides you to databases where you can find scholarly and popular magazine articles that discuss topics in this subject area.  These library databases are sort of like “gated communities” because you have to be a member of the UofL community to access the articles which are only available by a paid subscription.

The Books tab leads you to sources where you can find in-depth information in print or electronic book form.

Depending on the subject area, Primary Sources might lead you to library databases or free websites that have original documents for the field of study.

Sometimes, in addition to the research guide, a librarian will also modify a guide for a particular course pointing students to the specific sources they need to complete a research assignment. These can be found under the Course Guides tab.

The Citing Sources tab jumps to a page that lists particular citation style guides such as MLA, APA 6th, Chicago/Turabian as well as software or websites that can help you cite with the click of a button.

The Help tab will indicate who the subject librarian is for that area with his/her contact information and has a chat box available in case you have an immediate question.

Librarians are open to suggestions, so if you think of something that would be helpful to you to have on these guides, let us know!  Take a minute and explore Ekstrom Library’s Research Guides today!

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