Library sources for teaching yourself music

Today’s guest blogger is Mark Dickson from the Music Library.


With the approach of New Year’s Day in mind, have you ever wanted to fulfill a resolution of learning to play a musical instrument? The secret to success is commitment and a good teacher. However, a good teacher does not necessarily have to be a human being in the very beginning.

Banjo instruction book and cds.

Music method books are the lesson books music teachers normally assign to their students. They start at beginning experience levels and progress to intermediate and advanced levels.

The Music Library has a generous selection of self-instruction method books for a wide range of instruments and voice. There have been self-instruction books for adult learner piano students for years, but publishers have started publishing for a market of adults wanting to learn instruments in bluegrass, blues, rock, Irish, and gospel styles.

All of the Music Library method books circulate normally outside of the library and can be found in the library catalog. A basic search using:  [self-instruction and music] within [All Fields] will reveal a world of self-guided music learning resources available to all University Library borrowers.

For instance:

Come to the Music Library and ask at the Circulation Desk for more help and see what new experiences you can uncover!

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