RETROSPECT: Celebrating 50 Years of the UofL Photographic Archives

Well the finishing touches are being put together for the exhibition celebrating the Photographic Archives’ 50th Anniversary being held at the Cressman Center Gallery and opening this Friday, September 7th. You are all invited!


Julius Friedman / J.C. Rieger Studio

My first exhibition as Curator happens to be the biggest exhibit for the Photographic Archives in recent history. And why not? 50 years is an important milestone, especially for an academic photography collection. That’s because in 1962 the University of Louisville was at the forefront of the movement to accept and understand photography within the history of art. Now, with over 2 million images, the Photographic Archives is known throughout the world for a very significant collection of documentary, historical, vernacular and fine art photography.

Bob Hower / Caufield & Shook

For the exhibition RETROSPECT, we have invited over 30 photographers with ties to the Photographic Archives, Louisville and Kentucky to submit photographs and choose images from the archives to display beside their own work. Artist statements describe the connections between the contemporary work and the images from the archives, often revealing personal connections and inspiration from the photographers, locations, subjects or themes collected in the Photographic Archives. The resulting group of over one hundred photographs on display highlight both the depth of the collections and celebrates the work of contemporary photographers who have been inspired and, in turn, inspire others.

Bram / Winogrand

Richard Bram / Garry Winogrand

Featuring: Shelby Lee Adams, Don Anderson, Bill Burke, Richard Bram, Michael Brohm, Bill Carner, Mary Carothers, Bruce Cook, Barbara Crawford, Robert Doherty, Mitch Eckert, Julius Friedman, C. Thomas Hardin, Laura Hartford, Bob Hill, Bob Hower, Maggie Huber, Bill Luster, Sarah Lyon, Pat McDonogh, Chris Maynard, Guy Mendes, David Modica, John Nation, Jack Norris, Paul Paletti, Pat Pfister, Steve Plattner, C.J. Pressma, Jon Rieger, Pam Spaulding, Larry Spitzer, Ted Wathen

Cressman Center Gallery
100 E. Main Street
September 7 – October 13

Opening Reception
Friday September 7, 6:00-9:00 PM

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