Library Tips and Ptch

Last Monday some of us at the University had the exciting opportunity to talk with David Koenig from Dreamworks Studio. He was pitching us Ptch, a new social media tool developed by the studio for quickly sharing video – and here’s the kicker, to edit and re-share your friends’ videos. Like Instagram, ptch has its own site where users can share and view each other’s videos, but it can also post files to Facebook and Twitter. Still in its infancy, ptch needs real-life test cases to run it through it’s paces and see where it’s rhythm breaks down. So that’s what we’re doing.

first Ekstrom Library ptchThe app is free and lets you pull images and videos from your mobile or from Facebook. As part of our testing, I created our first Ekstrom Library ptch last week. It was super fun and very easy. I lured one of our student assistants with the opportunity for fame and glory into doing a quick video on one tip he had for new students. Ten minutes later the video was styled with music and captions and available on Ekstrom Library’s Facebook page. His tip? Where to find the best bathroom in the library! Valuable information for newbies. The beauty of ptch though is that other ptch users who are friends with the creator can download the video, edit it, add their own images and video, and create a whole new video. What a great way to communicate with students! I would love it if our students would use ptch to provide their own tips on getting the best experience out of the library.

So the experiment continues. I’ll be making more videos for the Ekstrom Library Tips series and reporting back to the Dreamworks folks about what works and doesn’t. I’m really hoping some of our students might give it a try too so we can see how the re-edit, re-share works.

For now ptches can only be made on iPhone or iPad. (Did you know you can check out an iPad at the Ekstrom Library Media desk?) So grab your phone and give it a try.

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