Encyclopedia of Human Rights

[The following is a guest post from Joanna Thompson, one of our excellent student assistants in Ekstrom Library. Thank you, Joanna!]

cover of The Encyclopedia of Human RightsThe Encyclopedia of Human Rights, edited by David P. Forsythe, is a five-volume compilation of in-depth essays by experts in the many facets of the field of Human Rights.

This encyclopedia is of personal interest to me because of my interest in cultural anthropology and refugee issues. This interest in refugee issues naturally leads me to a discussion about human rights violations around the world.

The publication covers four aspects of human rights: rights, organizations, persons, and situations. Under the category of rights, topics such as freedom from torture and freedom from genocide are discussed. The organizations discussed range from organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to the United Nations Security Council. The people discussed included all of the Nobel laureates who had a pronounced interest in promoting human rights. Finally, the situations are laid out according to country, explaining what the current situation is in regards to human rights and the history or background that led them to that particular situation. Although this Encyclopedia, published in 2009, is for the most part events ranging from 1945-today, it also reaches back to events such as the Holocaust and the Irish Famine and provides an in-depth explanation of colonialism. These are important in this publication as a comparison: In order to understand human rights today, it is important to understand past weaknesses. It is one of the most in-depth publications in the University of Louisville collection regarding topics of human rights, and is a perfect tool for individuals who are interested in promoting human rights and equality in the communities, nations, or around the world.

[The Encyclopedia of Human Rights is available in the Ekstrom Library reference collection at JC571 .E673 2009.]

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