Day of Digital Archives

October is Archives Month, an opportunity to raise awareness of archives and those who work in and with them.

  • Fun fact #1: archives, a noun describing the place where records of enduring value are preserved for posterity, is plural, even if you’re only talking about one such unit.
  • Fun fact #2: the UofL Libraries has two archives:  University Archives and Records Center, on the 4th Floor of Ekstrom Library, and Photographic Archives, on the lower level of Ekstrom Library. There are also archival collections in the Art Library, Music Library, Health Sciences Library, and Law Library.
  • Fun fact #3: A growing number of rare and unique images, maps, documents, and oral histories from each of those libraries and library units are freely available to a worldwide audience via our Digital Collections website.

Today has been designated Day of Digital Archives, so I hope you’ll take the opportunity to explore some of the 50,000+ items in the UofL Libraries Digital Collections! For example, in keeping with the Kentucky Archives Month military history theme, check out the André Jeunet Collection of World War I images, or the Civil War-themed General Orlando M. Poe Collection.

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