Historypin Now Available as Smart Phone App

Now you can explore Louisville’s history through your phone! With this new feature you can access every image from the University of Louisville Photographic Archives that has been pinned to the Historypin Google map through your smart phone, as well as:

  • Explore content nearest to your current location
  • Explore the streets – holding your phone up to the street, the app uses your camera view to display nearby images. By selecting the image, it can be overlaid onto the modern view to create an historical comparison, which you can toggle or fade between.
  • Capture a modern moment of history – images taken with the app are immediately pinned to the Historypin map, with any captions and stories you add. Images can also be added from your phone’s albums.
  • Digitize an old photo – take photos of old pictures as an easy alternative to scanning them, then add photo details and pin them directly to the Historypin map.
  • Take modern equivalents of old classics – when exploring historic content, you can snap exact contemporary replicas
  • Shake history up – a simple shake of the app brings up a random piece of content from anywhere in the world

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