Comics! The Ardi and Dick Wilson Collection

We envisioned “Comics! the Ardi and Dick Wilson Collection” as a light-hearted exhibit to welcome our fall semester students. In putting it together, we have discovered a whole other world of comics’ fans way beyond campus. Everyone is welcome to come for the exhibit opening reception on Monday, August 8, from 5 to 7 pm in the lower level lobby of Ekstrom Library. Be forewarned, though. I may be following you around, writing down your comments on the comics.

That, essentially, is how we have done this exhibit. Comics’ aficionado James Manasco (by day the definitely not mild mannered Libraries’ Head of Collection Development) sat before a great pile of comics and talked about each one in turn, while I frantically scribbled –next time, I’ll bring the laptop– his commentary. Over the course of an afternoon James persuaded me to actually care deeply about Batman’s motivation and Wolverine’s adamantium bones.

The Ardi and Dick Wilson Collection is fun, and it now belongs to the entire community. Come join us! And be ready to talk.  I’ll bring the laptop.

One Comment on “Comics! The Ardi and Dick Wilson Collection”

  1. My son Robert Belcher from Nichols Elementary won a book on Stan Lee! Also a yrs subscibtion to Comics that was his wish if he had the highest reading level in School last yr! I thought that was fanominal! I am so Proud of him! He will make every goal his dream no matter how big or small! Also He did win at 10 yrs old He reads at a College Level! Good job Bub!

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