Don’t lose that thought!

Have you ever been walking along and suddenly think of something you need to add to your research paper, but by the time you get to your computer you can’t remember what it was? It happens to all of us. I get some of my best thoughts when I’m walking my dog and then poof! it’s gone.

If you’re carrying a smartphone you can always do a quick voice recording, but there’s new technology out there that can take it a step further. One program is Dragon Naturally Speaking, a speech recognition program that produces a text document for you.  Then you can search your thoughts and edit them into your paper!

Even if you don’t have the cash to buy fancy programs like this you can still use the power of speech to jump start your research project. Just sit down with some kind of recording device and start talking. It’s a good way to find out what you know about the topic and what you still need to know without the stress of facing that blank computer screen.

One Comment on “Don’t lose that thought!”

  1. You have no idea how often that happens to me, though mostly it’s with dreams. I’ll remember them fairly well when I wake up, but by the time I make it to college – gone, save perhaps bare essentials.
    Recording the idea is definitely a good idea; that, or quickly writing it down in a notebook or “Notes” on your phone. Either way, so long as it’s recorded in some manner or form, nothing can go wrong!
    Unless of course you lose the black-on-white document. But that’s another story entirely.
    I need to get into writing down my ideas; I have a bad habit of not writing down these amazing ideas I have and then a couple weeks later, I’ll be all, “What was that idea I had about again?”
    Documenting ideas. It’s a good thing.

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